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most excellently or suitably; with most benefit or good results: an opera purpose that best fits her voice.

to accomplish all one can to turn a failure and so on into one thing prosperous. She is upset at not moving into College but she'll just have to make the best of it and look for a task. jou daarmee versoen, dit vir lief neem يَنْتَفِعُ عَلى أفْضَلِ وَجْه извличам максимална полза/ superar a situação vyrovnat se, využít das Beste daraus machen få det bedste ud af det αντιμετωπίζω μια αρνητική κατάσταση όσο πιο αποτελεσματικά μπορώ tomarse algo lo mejor posible, ver el lado bueno de algo enda kasuks pöörama ساختن با؛ تحمل کردن kääntää tilanne voitoksi accommoder de לְמָצוֹת אֶת הַמֵיטָב सफलता के लिए कोशिश करना izvući najveću korist kihasznál berbuat sebaik-baiknya gera eins gott út og hægt er rassegnarsi 逆境に善処する 최대한 활용하다 nenusiminti samierināties (ar kaut ko); izmantot pēc iespējas labāk menggunakan sesuatu dengan sebaik-baiknya er het beste van maken fileå det beste ut av noe starać się wybrnąć ودانول superar a situação a se împăca cu ideea не падать духом zmieriť sa s sprijazniti se iskorisiti maksimalno göra det bästa möjliga av det ทำในสิ่งที่ดีที่สุด elindekinden mümkün olduğunca yararlanmak; onlardan en iyi şekilde istifade etmek 竭盡所能化危機為轉機 не журитися مقدور بھر ، حتی المقدور còn nước còn tát 尽所能转败为胜,充分利用

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When the archers had improved, the herald rose and proclaimed The foundations of the game: how that each man must shoot 3 pictures, and also to him who shot best the prize of the yoke of fat steers should really belong.

properly and very good employed to indicate quiet acceptance, as of the decisionif you take my offer, perfectly and good

A.M. Best is usually a trusted source of coverage details and marketplace intelligence, masking A large number of organizations around the globe as a result of analytical resources and news protection that provide a vital point of view for informed organization selections.

At times an adverb like effectively is so generally positioned in front of and combined with a certain earlier participle so as to modify it the resulting adjectival mix achieves the standing of a typical word and is listed in dictionaries. In you'll find, such as, entries for perfectly-recommended and nicely-mannered; for unwell-recommended, ill-bred, and ill-conceived; and for fifty percent-baked and half-cocked. Many of these conditions are specified complete definitions, while others are viewed as this kind of noticeable combinations that you can work out for yourself the things they need to signify. It is crucial to notice, on the other hand, that compound adjectives like these are generally hyphenated to be used ahead of the noun they modify with each other. Consequently we are saying that somebody is “a nicely-beloved professor,” but there can be no hyphen among effectively and beloved within a sentence like “My English professor is effectively liked and justifies the award.

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had best, would be wisest or most sensible to; should: You experienced best cell phone your mom to tell her where you are going.

(a little something which can be) superior to the greatest extent. the best e book on the topic; the best (that) I can do; She's my best Buddy; Which process is (the) best?; The flowers are at their best just now. beste أفْضَلُ ، الأفْضَلُ най-добър melhor nejlepší beste/-r/-s bedst ο καλύτερος, άριστοςmejor parim بهترین paras le/la meilleur/-eure הַטוֹב בְּיוֹתֵר सर्वोत्तम najbolji legjobb paling baik bestur migliore, il migliore 最良の 가장 좋은 geriausias vislabākais baik bestbestnajlepszy تر ټولو ښه، تر ټولو غوره، تر ټولو ګټور melhor cel mai bun лучший najlepší najboljši najbolji bäst ดีที่สุด en iyi, en iyisi 最好的 найкращий بہترین tốt nhất; đẹp nhất 最好的

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richer in financial gain or get: When he withdrew from the partnership, he was many thousand dollars to The great.

She's not a fantastic Cook dinner for the best of occasions → Elle n'est pas exactement un génie de la Delicacies, même au mieux de sa forme.

meant to contain the best final results achievable. We don't desire to ship the child away to school but we're carrying out it for that best. 10 goede لِلْحُصولِ عَلى أفْضَلِ النَّتائِج най-добре за някого pelo seu bem v nejlepším úmyslu check here zum besten til det bedste; til ens bedste για καλό con la mejor intención, para el bien de alguien kõige paremat mõeldes برای حصول بهترین نتیجه jnk parhaaksi pour le mieux לְטוֹבָה सद्विचार से u najboljoj namjeri javára demi yang terbaik (endanlega) til góðs for every il meglio 良かれと思って 되도록 잘 하느라고 turėdamas/turėdami geriausius tikslus lai būtu vislabāk yang paling baik dilakukan om bestwiltil det beste; til ens beste w najlepszej intencji د عالى نتيجى د حاصلولو لپاره pelo seu bem pentru binele cuiva как лучше, к лучшему s najlepším úmyslom z najboljšimi nameni za nečije dobro i bästa välmening โดยหวังผลที่ดีที่สุด .

best - the one who is most excellent or great; a person who tops all Many others; "he could beat the best of them"

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